All Natural Pest Control

Dinner at Your House? 

AJ Southwest Pest Control is an affordable, full service pest control for homes and business.  If you are using organic gardening techniques, but still using harsh and toxic chemicals for pest control, you will want to consider our All-Natural Low-Impact pest elimination approach.  AJ Southwest uses plant oil extracts that are harmful to insects but not to pets or people.

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What’s Bugging You?

AJ Southwest technicians will inspect your home, inside and out, and design an all-natural plan to eliminate bugs and animal pests to meet your needs.  That plan may include dusting your attic, entries, exits and plumbing voids for spiders and other crawling insects and pests.   Spray and baits may also be applied to areas necessary to control some pests.

Unwanted House Guests/Pests

Outside of the home, AJ Southwest technicians will power spray the perimeter from the ground to ten feet up from the foundation.  Weep holes will be dusted from the exterior of the home.  If unwanted guests have moved in, our technicians will serve-up the all-natural eviction.  Bait traps are also available to keep the critters out.  Our technicians will also remove wasp nests for an extra charge.

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Quarterly Service.  Treatment visits will be scheduled to refresh the perimeter spray barrier on your home.  AJ Southwest technicians will inspect the exterior for indications of termites, ants and other pests.  Any time you experience a problem with a covered pest, AJ Southwest will provide unlimited re-treating service.

Pests We Kill

Roaches /  Crickets / Earwigs / Centipedes / Sugar Ants / Household Ants / Fire Ants / Silver Fish / Water Bugs / Spiders / Scorpions / Rats / Mice

Wasps and other flying insects are not covered as part of the AJ Southwest general pest control service.  We do remove wasp nests and spray preventive around the eaves of the house as a courtesy.  But, we do not offer re-treatment service for any flying insects.

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Going All-Natural is Affordable

Initial, or one time All-Natural General Pest Control service starting at $130 plus tax.

Quarterly Continuing All-Natural pest control maintenance starting at $94 plus tax.