The recent and ongoing incredibly wet conditions are causing delays to our early spring services.  I warned of substantial weed pressure this year in lawns due to the very warm and wet winter we experienced.  Unfortunately this pressure will continue.  

The steps for the best weed control are, in order, 1. Proper watering; 2. Proper mowing; 3. Proper fertilization; and number 4 (least important) is the actual weed control.  Needless to say we will not be able to do any of these things very properly until our weather pattern changes.  I am giving you recommendations for each thing below, so work with your lawn care company or for you do-it-yourselfers, follow these guidelines.  Just know we will do our part (numbers 3 and 4), but you will need to be patient this year.     

There will be some weeds.  We WILL NOT start using toxic weed control just to turn a weed brown in 3 or 4 days instead of the normal 21 days with our products.  Remember, this is a long term process.  What we do today matters tomorrow.  No company or person has magic.  All weed control and fertilizer do the same thing.  It is how they work that matters  We just choose to use organic fertilizers and no-impact weed control.  They are the best products available just slower acting than the products involved in the nationwide lawsuits (that most companies still use).    

Mow when you can.  Do not scalp the yard.  Be as consistent as you can in these conditions.  Water 1/2 inch rainfall equivalent per week.  Rainfall counts.  Sprinkler systems should be off right now, but don’t forget to turn them on when this is over.     

Lastly, contact us with any questions.  We will be providing service as we can.  These conditions do NOT prevent us from effective service.  Our products work just fine in these conditions, but it is difficult for us physically to provide service in rain and muddy conditions.  If you have concerns about the application of products in these conditions, Lyn can send you a blog piece I wrote about that very thing.  Every service I do has been tested by me extensively in every situation before I use it on  your property.  I look forward to your feedback as we navigate these conditions.

Jay Newman