Organic Fertilization & Weed Control

AJ Southwest uses all-natural materials to make your lawn healthy, lush and weed free.  Our landscape maintenance program is time-tested and highly effective.

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All-Natural Fertilizer

Fertilization is the keystone of an organic landscape program.  AJ Southwest uses both dry and liquid fertilization which work together to eliminate weeds from your landscape and gree-up your lawn.  Well balanced soil, organically nourished grass and plants is the key to maintaining a healthy weed-free landscape.

Dry Pellet Fertilizer.  Our technicians apply dry fertilizer pellets to planted beds.  We use only the best all-natural fertilizer, rich in organic nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.  This mix adds the correct amount of organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Liquid Fertilizer.  A potent spray,  containing liquid fertilizer and microbial solution, is applied to your lawn, trees and shrubs.  The liquid fertilizer contains fish emulsion, seaweed, molasses and bone meal, which is easily absorbed by the plant foliage creating a more healthy landscape.

Soil Amendments.  AJ Southwest technicians assess the needs of your landscape and apply a variety of soil amendments to achieve optimum conditions to produce a lush lawn.

Sulfur.  Granulated sulfur, applied to lawn areas and beds, helps fight off fungus and helps to loosen the soil.  Sulfur also counteracts the problems caused by using city water, which contains large amounts of chlorine and ammonia.

Molasses.  Molasses gives your microhard a jump-start. The bacteria has a feast and really goes to town improving your soil, which can help with a number of lawn challenges, like thatch build-up.

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