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Grow taller, thicker and disease free

AJ Southwest ornamental service consists of root zone fertilization and a foliar application. Estimates are always free.

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Root Zone Fertilization. If your trees and shrubs are slow-growing, color deficient, or prone to insects and fungus, root zone fertilization can facilitate growth, beauty and strength. Our deep roots mixture includes a systemic pest control product that mostly eliminates aphids, scale and white files during the year. The optimal time to perform root zone fertilization is January, February or October.

Even if your trees seem strong, root zone fertilization can further enhance their health and value. The optimal time to perform root zone fertilization is January and February.

We inject organic fertilizer and microbial stimulants below the surface to nourish and protect the roots.  A healthy tree produces healthy leaves and beautiful canopy.

Foliar application.  Discoloration of leaves and the infestation of tree loving pests can turn your tree investment into a disaster, and worse can kill the tree.  The foliar application is another weapon in defense of the tree.

Application in late April or early May achieves best results, but attention anytime you detect a problem is appropriate.  Foliar application is crucial to fend off bag worms, web worms, cut worms, army worms, etc. We spray the target plants with liquid organic fertilizer and pest control products proven to produce results.

Call (817) 496-5050