Have you noticed?  They’re back!

Mosquitos are invading North Texas again and West Nile Virus is spreading again!   Summer may be over, but recent heavy rains are causing a massive increase in the mosquito population, and with their nasty little bites comes the danger of West Nile.  Those of you who take advantage of our Mosquito Total Care Package have enjoyed a relatively ‘mosquito free’ summer, until now.  Even though the entire Metroplex is experiencing more mosquitos our Total Care customer have seen only a slight increase around their property.

AJ Southwest can help reduce the mosquito population around your house this fall by using the Three in Three approach.  We treat once per week for three weeks in a row.  That grouping of services should give you five to six weeks of mosquito control.  AJ Southwest is offering 20% off the normal summer price for the rest of the year to help you deal with this late season mosquito invasion. Mosquitos will always be around your property, even with our treatments, so also wear repellents and use outdoor mosquito repellents to protect yourself.

All Natural Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are the pest we love to hate.  They are uninvited guests that can make our yards and swimming pool areas unlivable and dangerous.  AJ Southwest offers a service package that provides mosquito control for your home and landscape from March through October.

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AJ Southwest uses the Essentria product line, so you can rest assured there are no harmful chemicals being applied around your home that are harmful to people or pets.  But, Mosquitos sure don’t like this stuff and they stay away when Essentria is around.

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Mosquito Fogging Package

13 service trips from March through October.  AJ Southwest will treat your property once in March, April and October.  In May, June, July, August and September we will treat twice each month.

Occasional Mosquito Control

If you do not need or want continuous mosquito control throughout the summer, AJ Southwest offers an occasional service on a schedule and interval of your choosing.

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Mosquito control is provided with a broadcast application of Essentria IC3. which is all-natural.  More information can be found at  Mosquitos are a flying pest, so any application provides no warranty, but you can expect 10 to 14 days of control.  Some mosquitos will always be present around your home.  Please use repellants when outside.

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